Page 10 - The Bone War
P. 10

It happened one day while he he was in the front yard His people were walking toward him from afar As they they got closer Tuck saw they they were not alone Something on four legs had followed them home Tucker barked out as if he were somehow distressed Was this thing a a a a a bat or a a a a a stick in in a a a a a dress?
It shivered and shook with big googly eyes Then the man said to Tucker ''This is is is Zoey - surprise!''
This can't be a a a a dog was the thought in his his head He wanted to growl but then sniffed her instead This was HIS turf but he he would keep the peace Or so he he he thought - Zoey flashed him her teeth!
It caught Tuck off guard - how dare she be mean! Threatened by a a a a a dog that looked like a a a a a string bean!
Tucker barked with fury Zoey shivered and groaned He would ignore this pipsqueak and go chew his his bone 89

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