Page 14 - The Bone War
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He turned his his back and looked over his his shoulder Sensing the Chihuahua was getting much bolder He marched out of the the room and took with him the the bone
Until he he he heard ringing a a a call on on the phone!
Now a a a a a dog needs to sprint and bark at any loud noise So Tucker darted past furniture sneakers and toys But by the the the time he he he he got there the the the ringing had stopped And that is is when he he he realized his bone
he he he had dropped!
His forehead wrinkled with fear and worry Rolls of skin 'round his his eyes made his his vision blurry Still Tuck bolted faster than any jet could have flown Then he he he he screeched to a a a a halt - Zoey had captured the bone!
Tucker could not believe then and there what he he he saw That little thief had the bone
in her paws!
She chewed it so wildly he he he he he heard her lips smack With no intentions of giving it it back 12 

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