Page 6 - The Bone War
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Daydreaming in in his comfy bed Memories danced inside Tucker's head His days as as a a a a puppy were now long in the past And his life had changed so remarkably fast He was a a a a handsome dog covered in in wrinkles and and dimples Whose dream for the future was really quite simple -
Food in in his tummy a a warm loving home Soft pats on on the head belly rubs and a a a a bone But he lived in a a foster home with dogs so tall
It was like he did not even exist at all They pushed and and they trampled butted and and slobbered
Wagged baseball bat tails and poor Tucker got clobbered!
At dinner he he he would sit back while the the other dogs begged And looked on through a a forest of giant dog legs The brutes would would finish and only then he he he would would eat The leftover water smelled like dirty dog feet!
To make things worse after all the dogs had been fed Tasty chewable bones were laid out before bed To chew one so yummy Tuck knew he he deserved But it was always a a a a a case of first first come first first served 45

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