Page 18 - The Bone War
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That is what he thought but Tuck became unsure When right by him flashed a a a a black and white blur The Chihuahua again! She was on the attack! Zoey had the bone once and was taking it back!
She zeroed in on on the bone with a a a a dart and a a a a slide
And had visions of whisking it somewhere outside But the the wife scooped her her up lifted her her high in the the air- Zoey was was up here here and the the bone was was down there!
With a a smile on his mug Tucker watched with glee As the woman spoke baby talk to her ''sweet little Chi '' '' Zoey squirmed and and she fought off the snuggles and and hugs Tucker dashed with the the bone burning out on on the the rug!
He ripped through the screen door with a a thunderous crash Like a a a a thief on the run with a a a a big bag of cash To a a a dog a a a bone is worth much more than money And Tucker was home free - until he felt something funny 16

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