Page 20 - The Bone War
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Tucker stopped in his his tracks and flopped onto his his back The only thing on on his mind was a a a much-needed scratch He wriggled and squirmed grass flew all around But so did the the bone right onto the the ground By that time Zoey was back on the scene She appeared in the doorway that now had no no screen With Tuck on on the the ground and the the bone in clear sight Zoey snatched it up and quickly took flight Faster than a a a a a greyhound or any gazelle The bone in her jaws fully under its spell Zoey tore through the the yard and behind the the shed Gnawing on on the bone like she had never been fed All alone at last! Zoey's dream come true! Now there was nothing that Tucker could do!
She would finish the bone while he he he tried to regroup But her joy turned to to panic - she had to to poop 18

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