The Bone War


Tucker is adopted into a loving home after spending most of his life in foster care, where he always needed to compete with larger dogs for attention. Now he is the star of the household and lives the life every dog dreams of – belly rubs, a spacious yard, a warm bed, and his very own delicious bone to chew. Then suddenly, to Tucker’s surprise, Zoey is adopted into the family. She is a bold and curious Chihuahua who takes an intense interest in the bone Tucker cherishes so very much.

Tucker will do whatever it takes to keep his new little sister from stealing the bone and disrupting his perfect life. Let the bone war begin!

The Bone War is a hilarious and heartwarming story about pet adoption, sibling rivalry, and the power of empathy.

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The Bone War

The Bone War: This first book of the Tucker and Zoey Adventure series, based on the real-life antics of the author’s two adopted dogs, will delight kids and grown-ups alike. It is sure to be an instant classic!

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